Ashlyn Edwards
March 03,2016
Individual Reflection


During the final project I felt like I was forced to come out of my comfort zone. I don’t talk much and being that it was a collaboration project I had no choice. It was just two of us in a group so even if I wanted to hide I couldn’t. This project was more than one person taking could each person had a advantage and disadvantage which worked out when it came down to discussing and sharing the work. My partner, Jessica, and I never communicated before until this project and the connections we made were cool. She is smart and her ideas mixed with my ideas seem to go down a similar path so it was rarely any confrontation or strong debates. We had played around with several ideas such as videos, photograph and art work such as drawing, painting and sculpturing. I am now more open-minded because of this project and I talk more in my other classes.


The skills I learned during this course and more specifically in this project will help me in the future in classes and my career goals. I plan to be a physical therapist so I would have to be more open to new techniques and communicating with others such as workers, patients and even doctors. My aspirations are to own one of the most successful and helpful physical therapy offices. In order to achieve this goal, I would have to be able to listen and communicate because what you think may be helpful there may be another way to approach the situation. Also this course can give me leadership skills such as dealing with challenges and having a strategy. While leading or even completing a task there will be obstacles but the best thing to do is be level-headed and keep striving if one idea is not working don’t give up strategize. You never know what you can and cannot do until you try. The lesson learned throughout is never give up.

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