Dog World

     My piece deals with my dog. I decided to do this because my dog is apart of my family this is my child. He loves posing for the camera and I love photography so it was a good idea to do this piece. I used oil pastel,paint,color pencils,paint markers and sharpie. I mod podge all of them to create a different texture. The process of finding a inspirational artist was tough. The artist I looked at was named Richard Symonds. His art work of animals is very realistic but have a cartoon look as well which I enjoy. A lot of his work uses oil paintings and I’m still not comfortable enough for that yet but I am willing to try the process as I continue to grow. This project took about two weeks to complete I divided the work three and three. I decided to use color to step out my comfort zone I typically use only black and white materials so this has been a huge step and has shown my growth over the course of the semester. I decided to use these pictures because they express our day to day interaction. He is the first dog I purchased without my parents and raised from birth.

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